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Göteborg, No Limit:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

2018-12-11 / Linus Lundbalad

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a long running series following Jonathan Joestar and the
rest of JoJo family.
Each new part focuses on a new Joestar
such as Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar, Jotaro,
aaaand Giorno Giovanni.
(Okay let’s just ignore that)

Will all the different Joestar’s be able to defeat terrible villains like
Dio, Dio again, and of course....Dio
Ok, now to cover some of the smaller things. JoJo’s is a great series and i
recommend it to anyone who likes anime or Memes, especially Memes,
And also if your around 7-9 years old please don’t watch this.

(and if you’ve been living under a rock your whole entire life and you don’t
know what anime is…...Google it, plz.)

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