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Top 5 Memes of January 2017

2018-04-12 / idk idk

January was a month filled with new memes, along with some old ones returning.
With so many quality memes, it’s hard to make a list of the best ones, but after a lot of struggle, I’ve finally finished this compilation.
Most of the memes started in late 2017, but have been going strong all throughout January of 2018.
Here are my Top 5 best memes of January 2018.

Number Five
The fifth meme on my list is one I haven’t personally looked for before writing this article, but as it blew up I was unable to avoid occasionally seeing it, and going through examples when writing this, I realised it just had to be on this list.
I present to you..

Pop Team Epic
Pop Team Epic is a manga which got adopted into an anime, which started airing January 2018.
Pop Team Epic has a unique art style with plenty of over-exaggerated features.
The show has a weird sort of humor, the voice acting is excellent (featuring both a female and a male version, of which the male one is the most widespread) and mixed with the memorable art style, that’s likely what attracted the most attention.
The manga started in 2014, and it’s art style is easily recognised anywhere.

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