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A day in my life (IES Lomo de la Herradura)

2024-03-17 / Aday

I wake up at 6:40 AM and instantly after that I go to the bathroom to have a shower, then I dress up, put some creams on and fix my hair, as I want it to look normal and not so messy. At 7:30 I go to the kitchen in order to have breakfast, which normally is a glass of milk. I try to do it quickly because I also have to brush my teeth and finish my other duties before going to school. Then at 7:50 I leave my house to walk to school, which starts at 8 o’clock and ends up 6 hours later at 2 PM.

After I get off school I go to my house to have lunch, which is usually different dishes during the week, but never fish, as I hate even its smell. Besides that I would eat pasta, rice, meat, soup, Spanish omelet, and so on. After I finish lunch I brush my teeth and go to the couch to lay there for quite a while, because I need some rest after being hours in school, which makes me really tired, both psychologically and physically. While I lie on the couch I use my cell phone to watch some Tik Tok videos or the latest news and gossip on X, formerly Twitter before Elon Musk bought it, but it’s almost the same app anyways.

In the afternoon I do my homework and eat something, either a sandwich or cookies. In addition to that I would also watch a movie that lasts until around 9 in the evening. Frequently it is a horror movie, as it is my favorite genre, but I also enjoy watching thrillers and sci-fi movies. After it ends I have dinner, which is basically a sandwich when I ate cookies in the afternoon, or avocado, olives and some bread when I did eat the sandwich before. Despites I’m not watching any TV shows right now I would also watch a TV series every night, being the last one that I saw The White Lotus, a series about rich people that go on vacation to a hotel that is owned by a company that is of course called The White Lotus, which has hotels all over the world, in countries such as the US, Italy or Thailand. I really liked it and I'm waiting for the next season to air in 2025.

Finally, after I end up watching one or two episodes of a TV series I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on some creams and skincare products, apart from preparing my clothes for the next day and putting them on the bathroom, so i don’t have to do it the next day. Lastly I make sure I don't have anything else to do, and if so I go to sleep at 11:30 PM.

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