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My favourite day of the week (in Gran Canaria)

2024-03-17 / Samuel

One of my favorite days of the week is Sunday. On Sundays I usually wake up at nine o’clock or earlier. I later have breakfast in a half unconscious way. Then I wash my face and get dressed.

Of course, I do not go to school on Sunday so I do other things. I try to spend one and a half hours reading and then I like to go cooking for lunch. I like cooking even though I am not the best cooker. I once made crispy onions for some pasta but I did not have flour so I used “gofio” (if you do not know what it is I recommend you search it), it tasted a little bad. Usually, in Spain we do something called “siesta”, it is something like a national event. It is basically a nap you do after lunch. Sadly, I do not do “siesta” and lots of people do not do it either. As I do not practice the millennial art of the “siesta” I have to do other things so I start working in projects I have.

Later on the day I like to play some video games on the computer. At seven o’clock I do one hour of cardio while I watch a movie. I can watch any kind of movie but I prefer familiar movies. At eight o’clock I take a cold shower (yes, I am a little psycho). You’ll probably want to know why I take a cold shower before I go to bed if a cold shower is made to wake you. Well, for me it is the opposite. I suffer a little bit showering but then I sleep really well. And, as I have said I go to bed at eleven o’clock after I do other things that depend on the day.

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