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A student's typical day in Siena - Italy

2024-02-08 / Giorgia C.

Let's discover a typical day of some students of Liceo Musicale in Siena!

I usually wake up at about 6:30, but I’m too sleepy to get up right then, so I wait about 10 minutes, just laying there, before actually starting the day. I put on the first clothes that come to hand, I don’t really care about style. Then I make my bag and run downstairs (at this point I’m already late to catch the bus). I quickly do my makeup and dash out to take the bus to school. The trip usually lasts 50 minutes.

Today it was Wednesday. I had math class first. It was really interesting and it passed quickly enough. Then, Art History class. The teacher is really funny and luckily this class passed fast too. After school I walked with my friends to catch the bus to go back home.

At home, I had lunch at my grandparents’ house. I went home, fed my dogs and started to practice piano for my lesson tomorrow. I go to a music school and piano is one of my favourite subjects, along with Theory, Analysis and Composition (T.A.C. in short). At about 8:30pm I had dinner with my parents and then chatted with my friends and watched TV until midnight, when I went to bed. Giorgia - 15 y.o. I wake up quite early, around 6:12 am and often take a quick shower and get dressed.

Then I have a poor breakfast and after brushing my teeth my dad accompanies me to the bus stop, the bus arrives at 7:08 and takes me to the center of Siena. Once I get there, I have to walk about fifteen to get to my school, the Piccolomini Institut, but before entering school I stop in the usual bar with some of my friends. I think the school opens at 8:10 am and lessons start at 8:30, but my friend and I often go in around 8:15. The day is made up of five hours of which a quarter of an hour is for recreation, after that we have two hours at the end. After finishing the five hours I have half an hour to have lunch, the afternoon instrument lessons begin at 2pm, which are 3 hours. I have a trumpet lesson for an hour and it’s very interesting because I learn new things every time, if I study during the week of course. After the trumper’s hour I have two hours of piano, the first instrument that needs a lot of study.

Once all the lessons are over I go to take the bus and often I don't have it right away when I arrive, so I have to wait around forty minutes. The return journey is often longer due to the longer road, but it doesn’t bother me because it is the only time I can read. When I get home I do my homework for the next day, have dinner and go to bed early because I'm very tired. Obviously not all my school days are like this, twice a week I only do four hours of morning subjects and I can go home early. Enrico - 15 y.o.

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