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Tyresö, Strandaren:

An average Tuesday in Seconda Liceo Musicale

2024-02-08 / Flaminia C.

I usually get up at 6 am, because my school is very far from where I live: it is about 45 minutes by car, but I go to school by bus, so it takes me about an hour and 15 minutes to get to school. After I get up, I dress up very quickly because I choose my clothes in the evening of the previous day. I go to the bathroom and then I brush my teeth.

I don’t always have breakfast at home; sometimes, I have breakfast in Siena. I arrive in Siena at 7.45 and I have to walk for about 1.3 km to get to school.

The lessons starts at 8.25 am and they end at 1.25 pm, but on Tuesday and Saturday, school ends at 12.30 pm. My high school is a musical high school (it is called Liceo Musicale). We have six subjects specific of our high school: • Music History • ⁠Musical Technology (we learn how to use musical softwares) • ⁠TAC (lit. Theory, Analysis and Composition; we learn how to read notes, and the musical clefts, how to analyse music sheet and how to compose based on the rules of the harmony) • ⁠ Musica d’Insieme (We play our instrument in a small chamber groups or in the orchestra of our Liceo in the afternoon; in the morning, we have one hour of choir) • ⁠Two musical instruments (we individually study two musical instruments in the afternoon; for example, I sing and I play the Viola). Today, it was a Tuesday, so we had just four hours of school. We had TAC, Science, History and English. The classes were on the average; I usually love TAC but the teacher was having oral test, so it wasn’t really funny.

I got home at 14 and I had lunch: I ate some rice and a zucchini rösti and my grandma’s meatballs. I tidied up my room and I did my homework. I also listened to my favourite music while I had a shower. At 19.30. I went dancing and I return at home after one hour and had dinner. I ate some pasta and then some broccoli and potatoes. I went to bed at 10.30 pm.

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