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My daily routine (IES Lomo de la Herradura)

2024-03-22 / Aimar and Eliana

One day in my life. Hello, my name is Aimar and this is a day in my life. I wake up at 6:45 but I get up at 6:50. At breakfast I eat 3 cupcakes and a cup of Colacao, I get dressed, I brush my teeth and do my hair later afterwards I take the dog for a walk.

I go to school at 7:47 my favorite subject is biology but I don’t dislike others I leave school at 2.00 pm I go home and I clean the whole house and make lunch before my parents get home from work.This time it's my brother's turn to take the dog for a walk. After lunch I dressed to go to soccer training, when I came back from football I went to the roof to train on my part: boxing, lifting weights and calisthenics. When I finally finish I go down to my house to take the dog out, have dinner, brush my teeth and go to bed so that tomorrow I can do the same. Byeee
My favourite day Hi, my name is Eliana and Tuesday is my favorite day. When I wake up at 5:00 am and sometimes at 6:00 am I take a long shower and get dressed. I don’t usually have breakfast because I don’t feel hungry throughout the day. I brush my teeth and do my hair when it is already between wet and dry. I arrive at school at 7:30am. Tuesdays are a very light day because we have some subjects like P.E or French so we do nothing at all, only math and history. I leave school at 2:00pm and I go to my house by car. I have lunch, my father is the one who makes the lunch and he cooks amazing. After, I exercise a bit, I take my dog for a walk and I walk for like 1 hour with her and sometimes I do cardio in my house too. I study, do homework and play with my PC. I don’t usually take a nap because I don’t feel tired. I don’t have dinner and I go to sleep at 10:30pm.

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